Depository Safes

Depository Safes

ModelExt. In. Int. In. Wgt lbs.CompartmentsLock Desc
UC-12810KH: 12"
W: 8"
D: 10"
H: 7½"
W: 9"
471UL Listed Dual Key Safe Deposit Lock
UC-12810CH: 12"
W: 8"
D: 10"
H: 7½"
W: 9"
471LaGard Group II Dial
FL-1913KH: 19"
W: 12½"
D: 15"
H: 13"
W: 12¼"
1161UL Listed Dual Key Safe Deposit Lock
FL 1913CH: 19"
W: 13½"
D: 15"
H: 13"
W: 12¼"
1161LaGard Group II Dial
FL2813CH: 27½"
W: 13½"
D: 15"
H: 13
W: 12¼"
1521LaGard Group II Dial
FL3020C-ILKH: 30"
W: 20"
D: 20"
H: 19½"
W: 17¼"
2312LaGard Dial with UL Listed Dual Key Safe Deposit Lock on Inner Compartment
FL3914CCH: 39"
W: 13½"
D: 15"
H: 13"
W: 12¼"
2322(2)LaGard Group II Dials

UC-12810K – $219.60


FL1913K – $545.27


FL3020C-ILK – $1270.10


FL3914CC – $1218.20


UC-12810C- $313.90


FL1913C – $644.09


FL2813C – $745.43




○ KSG 4500 – 2 Hour Fire Rated At 1850°F (1010°C)
○ (2 – 8) 1” Chrome Plated Active Locking Bolt
○ (2 – 8) 1” Inactive Locking Bolts On Hinge Side
○ Bolt Detent
○ (2 – 3) External Hinges – Door (s) swings +180°
○ (1 – 2) Non-Adjustable Key Locking Drawer (s) Located At The Top Of The Safe (includes 2 keys) – Excludes Models BS-610EL & BS-610C
○ (1) Removable, Non-Adjustable Tray Located At The Top Of Safe Models BS-610EL & BS-610C Only
○ (1 – 3) Adjustable, Removable Shelf/Shelves
○ Chrome Plated Handle
○ (1) Pre-Drilled 1/2” Diameter Anchor Hole (includes concrete anchor) – Model BS-1750 does not have anchor hole
○ 1/2” Solid Steel Door
○ 1/4” Solid Steel Body
○ (5) Chrome Plated Active Locking Bolts In All Front Loading Depository Safes (locking bolts are 7/8” – 1” diameter)*
○ Full Length Locking Bar
○ (1) Active Spring Loaded Re-locker
○ (1) Drill Resistant Hard Plate (not available on safes with dual key locks)
(1 – 3) Anti-fish Baffles
○ (4) Pre-drilled Anchor Holes In Front Loading Depository Safes
○ (2) Pre-drilled Anchor Holes In Under Counter Depository Safes
Has a locking inner compartment –
Lock is a UL Listed dual key
Safe deposit box lock



○ LaGard Group II Combination Dial in Safe Models: UC-12810C, FL1913C, FL2813C, FL3020C-ILK, and FL3914CC
UL Listed Dual Key Safe Deposit Lock in Safe Models: UC-12810K and FL1913K




Cobalt Warranty

Cobalt Safes backs all our fireproof safes with lifetime warranty against fire. Cobalt Safes will replace any Cobalt fireproof safe that has been damaged in a fire with the same or a comparable model to include all freight costs to the original address of purchase. Customers will be required to supply all requested documents to an authorized Cobalt Safe representative prior to replacement. For any additional information and/or instructions, contact a Cobalt Safes representative at (888) 535-2545.

Cobalt Safes warranties all parts and labor, excluding all digital components, on all safe purchases for a period of one year from date of purchase against any manu-facture defects. Cobalt Safes also provides an extended one-year warranty on all replacement parts. All digital components are excluded from the extended warranty. Replacement of safe with the same or comparable model during the extended one-year warranty period will be subject to charges based on a pro-rated analysis. All digital components will be warranted for a period of 90 days from date of purchase. Cobalt Safes will only warranty digital components that are factory installed or installed by a Cobalt technician prior to shipment. Cobalt Safes will not warranty any digital component installed on a safe that is installed within the floor. Cobalt Safes does not warranty any damages caused by mishandling, neglect, water, tampering, improper installation, removal and/or re-installation of a safe. Cobalt Safes must be contacted immediately if a safe is delivered by the freight carrier damaged. Warranties on damage safes will only be accepted if the customer has properly executed the outlined “Damage and Delivery Policy and Procedures”. Re-setting of any combination on a Group II combination dial lock must be performed by a qualified locksmith otherwise the warranty will become void. The warranty is valid for the original purchase price of the safe. Cobalt Safes will at no time become liable for the cost of installing and/or removing any Cobalt Safe or any contents or valuables that may be stored inside any Cobalt Safe.
Cobalt Safes sole discretion under this warranty, is at Cobalt Safes own option and own expense. Cobalt Safe will repair a defective safe/part, will deliver to the customer the same or comparable safe/part for replacement of the defective part, or if neither of the two foregoing options is reasonably available, Cobalt Safes may, at its own discretion, refund to the customer the original purchase price paid for the defective safe. All safes/parts that are replaced or refunded will become the sole property of Cobalt Safes.

All claims against Cobalt Safes must be approved by an authorized Cobalt Safes representative. All repairs must be approved by a Cobalt Safe Representative before any warranty repairs can be completed. Cobalt Safes reserves the right to refuse payment/reimbursement to any service provider or customer for any warranty re-pair that is completed prior to obtaining approval/authorization. This warranty may not be applicable to clearance, discontinued, and/or scratch and dent safes. Please contact an authorized Cobalt safes representative for more details. An authorized Cobalt Safes representative must approve all claims against Cobalt Safes.