Other Lockout

Florida Lock and Key offers 24 hour locksmith lockout service on other locking devices to where you require access. These can be items such as medical cabinets, gun cases, tool bins, mailboxes, lockboxes, jewelry boxes, padlocks, boats, and many many more. A simple phone call to Florida Lock and Key, 941-920-1622, can provide the lockout service to access to this device moments from now. To aide us in determining the expected work, we can receive text message with images or email with image attachments. We may ask you to provide such an image for us. Once on site, our skilled locksmith will use the proper picks or tryout keys to safely open the lock. And, in most cases, Florida Lock and Key can even make you another working key for your lock. However, if that isn’t an option, our locksmith can offer alternatives such as rekeying or replacing the lock. Once again, our 24 hour locksmith service option is available for this locksmith service.

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